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No Testing Required!

Carnival Cruise Lines has some more good news for us! A few weeks ago they made an announcement that testing for COVID 19 or a vaccine requirement is no longer required for short cruises! This news makes it even easier to cruise with MTQ on the Singing at Sea January...

Carnival Cruise Protocol Update

We are excited about the new protocol updates that Carnival Cruise Line has released as of August 13th. This update will make it easier for cruisers to plan their Singing at Sea Cruise with confidence. Read more below!   Carnival Cruise Line announced protocol updates that meet public health goals but recognize...

News For Cruisers!

Good news for cruisers! The CDC has announced the end of the Covid-19 Cruise Program as of July 18, 2022. In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for Carnival Cruise Line to release their own protocols! So far, Templeton Tours has offered the following arrangements for anyone who makes a...