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Q&A with Mark Trammell

Q&A with Mark Trammell

The last few weeks we have been looking at our new radio single, “Run To The Door” in different ways. Today, we’re sharing a Q & A with Mark about how this song went from one out of 200 considered for the Still Standing project to now being our new radio single. Keep reading to see how the journey began…


Question 1: When selecting songs to record on the Still Standing project, “Run To The Door” was one out of how many songs you all listened to?

MT: Close to 200 songs.


Question 2. When you first heard “Run To The Door,” did you immediately know it would make the cut? Or did it go through a process of listening and elimination to make it the final ten?


MT: Rodney Griffin is the writer and when he sent the song to us, I had a feeling that it would be in the final 10.


Question 3. What made it stand out from the others?


MT: Message, tempo, musicality, and the fact that it is very easy to communicate.


Question 4. When “Run To The Door” made it to the final ten songs, did you see this song adding a specific type of value to the Still Standing project and/or the ministry that takes place on stage every night? Or, did you know that God was leading the group to record it and just wanted to stand back and see what He was going to do with it?    


MT: Honestly, the first thing I thought of was 1 Corinthians 10:13.  Jesus is our way of escape from this troubled world.  He is the TRUE door to freedom.


Question 5. On the Still Standing project, MTQ recorded three songs written by Rodney Griffin. We know Rodney Griffin is a prolific songwriter and maybe there were a few more of his songs that were considered but not held for this project. How many songs from Rodney did you listen to altogether when selecting songs for the Still Standing CD?  


MT: Seems like we heard either 5 or 6 total.


Question 6. Per CD, only a few songs have the privilege to be released to radio. What made “Run To The Door” a radio song for MTQ?


MT: The message is something today’s world needs to hear more than ever before.


Question 7. The hook of this song is incredibly meaningful to both the unsaved and saved. But there are also other great lyrics within the song. Do you have a favorite line?


MT: “You’ll find what you’re longing for, run to the door.”