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NQC Schedule

NQC Schedule

It’s that time again! If you’re wondering when MTQ will be performing on Main Stage and in showcases at the 2023 NQC, we have a list below. Mark will also be singing a few times with the Second Half Quartet, which is always a treat.

Sunday evening – Mark will sing with the Second Half Quartet on Main Stage

Tuesday evening – MTQ on Main Stage

Thursday morning – MTQ will be singing at the Chapel Service

Friday evening – MTQ on Main Stage

Saturday afternoon – MTQ and the Second Half Quartet will be on Main Stage

MTQ will also be at our booth every day beginning at 4:00 PM, we hope you will stop by and visit with us at some point during the week! Our new CD, Classic, will also be releasing on Monday, September 25th, so be ready to hear songs from the new CD during the week as well!