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Run To The Door Devotional

Run To The Door Devotional

Last week, Rodney Griffin was gracious in sharing the story behind our new radio single, “Run To The Door.” This week, we’re going to take a few minutes and look at the scripture Rodney mentioned and what it looks like for Jesus to be the door in our lives.


“I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out and find pasture.” – John 10:9


The definition of door in the original Greek is thyra. It means a gate, door, portal, entrance and an opportunity.


Those are some wonderful descriptors of what it means to encounter Christ. Last week, we learned that when Rodney wrote “Run To The Door” he was thinking about what you would tell someone if they were in a burning house. And as Rodney shared, that would simply be, “Get to the door!” Once through the door, the person in danger becomes safe. While our goal is always to bring people to a saving knowledge of Christ, this Greek word thyra means so much more than just escaping a fiery judgment.


This word for door also implies an entering in. Not just an escape from, but an entrance into something else, something new. One of the other words used to describe this is a portal. What rich truth there is in that definition! When Christ saved us, He didn’t rescue us from a burning building to be cast homeless on the street without a purpose. In Him, there is new life. As we walk with Him daily; there is shared fellowship, joy and pain. Therefore, we can easily see this additional definition of “door” as our relationship with Christ.


But, “door” here also means opportunity. In Christ, life can change. The bad habits and destructful patterns we find ourselves in can be conquered in a new life in Christ. Are there things you feel are holding you back? Things that you’ve thought, “If only I could get rid of that one bad habit…that one sin.” In Christ, you can. This goes for the Christian who has walked with Christ for 50 years as well as the new Believer. There is power in prayer and help in time of need. (Hebrews 4:15-16.) With the Lord by your side, there is an opportunity to be different and live a life glorifying and honoring to the Lord. We can never outgrow the opportunities Christ affords!


Though we’ve only looked at one word in one verse, we see how much meaning there is in the concept of Jesus being the door. He is our safety, our portal to something new, an opportunity for a new life and so much more. As you continue to hear “Run To The Door,” we hope some of these truths we’ve pointed out will be a blessing to you and remind you that…



“…no matter what you’re longing for

 run to the door…”


(Be sure to check in next week for our Q&A with Mark! Same time, same place!)