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God Has Provided

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday things were different,

Today they’re different again.

Jesus, will never change

Jesus is always the same


This chorus written by George Younce probably aren’t the lyrics you typically think of at Christmas time. But as we’ve incorporated this song in our concerts over the last several months, I couldn’t help but think of how appropriate this truth is for what we’re celebrating this weekend.


If we go way back and think of how we celebrated Christmas as a child…the thrill of opening presents on Christmas morning and maybe sneaking off with an extra cookie from the kitchen. Now, as an adult we’re the ones buying gifts and preparing the food and if you’re a grandparent, that is elevated to a whole different level! Time has changed how you celebrate because life changes.


But… the promise of Christmas has not changed.


Jesus is still the Savior. God is still with us. Regardless of how our life changes for the better or worse, God will not leave us nor forsake us. Those are just a few of the wonderful truths we have because of the Christmas story. And no matter what this year looks like for you, those are wonderful promises to cling too.


We love you and pray you have a great weekend.


Merry Christmas!