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NQC Thursday Recap

NQC Thursday Recap

Thursday afternoon, MTQ was very honored to sing at Phil Cross’ Song Of A Lifetime showcases with First Baptist Atlanta’s Choir and Orchestra. These songwriters are the lifeblood of a Gospel music ministry and we believe we have the very best. To spend the afternoon with them and hear the stories and Scriptures that brought these lyrics to life was a very special time.


As many of you know, we lost two prolific writers last year – Kyla Rowland and Dianne Wilkinson. To honor these godly ladies, the SGMA sponsored a candle lighting for each writer at the end of the program. MTQ was blessed to sing one of Dianne’s songs, “We Shall See Jesus” in her memory. Rebecca Peck spoke briefly about Dianne’s love for the Lord, His Word and this music – a true gift!

Later in the evening, some very special people brought us an evening snack…Andy’s!  Thank you, friends!