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God Has Provided

Nominations Open – Singing News Fan Awards!

Nominations Open – Singing News Fan Awards!

We just received word that the nomination round for this year’s Singing News Fan Awards are open! If you have considered nominating MTQ in our eligible categories, we want to thank you for supporting and showing your love of this ministry in such a way. We are honored and grateful! For those who prefer to mail your ballot in, be watching your mailbox. The March issue is on its way!

MTQ is eligible in these categories…

Favorite Artist – Mark Trammell Quartet
Favorite Male Quartet – Mark Trammell Quartet
Favorite Album – “God Has Provided”
Favorite Song – “Treasures In Heaven”
Favorite Tenor – Blake Buffin
Favorite Lead – Nick Trammell
Favorite Baritone – Mark Trammell
Favorite Bass – Randy Byrd
Favorite Musician – Trevor Conkle
Favorite Young Artist – Trevor Conkle


To vote online, click here —>
(All votes must be cast by March 8th.)