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Trevor’s Tips #5

Welcome to week five of Trevor’s Tips! We know you’ll be spending some time in local restaurants during Homecoming weekend, so this time, we decided to feature five of our favorite places to eat in Gadsden. Watch to see where Trevor takes you!   Cracker Barrel    It’s not a true Gospel Sing if...

Trevor’s Tips #4

Trevor's Tips #4 is here! This week, Mark joins Trevor to share some exciting news about the Sunday morning service at Homecoming! If you've joined us in the past for this part of Homecoming, you may recall some of the sweet moments we've had during the services. This year, the pastor...

Trevor’s Tips #3

Welcome to week #3 of Trevor’s Tips! Every year, there is something MTQ does Saturday morning at Homecoming that is different from anything we do all year round. For a few hours, we head out to Silver Lakes Golf Course and make an effort to invest in men of all...