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Trevor’s Tips #1

Trevor’s Tips #1

Many of you know the MTQ Homecoming is coming up July 29th – 31st, and we can’t wait to see you there at the Church At Wills Creek in Gadsden, Alabama! With the move to Gadsden, we realize you all may have questions about where to stay, places to eat and what to do in the area. So, we’ve created a video series called Trevor’s Tips that will cover everything you need to know about the 2022 MTQ Homecoming!


In these videos, Trevor will give you a grand tour of the Gadsden area and fill you in on hotels, restaurants and things you might want to see or do while in town. We’ll be posting a video just like the one below, every weekend until Homecoming!


Are you ready? Here’s our first one…

What To Do In Gadsden? Trevor’s Tips #1!


1.Noccalula Falls 


Noccalula Falls is one of the top five must see waterfalls in Alabama. If you have some free time over Homecoming weekend and want to just relax in a peaceful environment surrounded by natural beauty, we’d recommend a trip to the falls!


2. Frios


As Trevor mentioned in the video, there is a Frios located at the falls. If you haven’t heard how this local business started in a garage and turned into a national gourmet popsicle chain, grab one of us at Homecoming and we’ll tell you more! The specialty flavors of these gourmet pops are incredible and would be a great treat during a visit to the falls. (Y’all, they even have a sweet tea popsicle…)


3. The Campground 


If you have an RV or camper, Noccalula Falls has great options for you! The campground not only has easy access and low prices, it is a beautiful property we know you would enjoy. It is also security gate controlled, which allows them to keep the area secure for their campers. (And there is a Jacks next to the falls, within walking distance!)


Campground Info Here!

Next week, the second installment of Trevor’s Tips will be lodging recommendations. If you’re planning on being with us in July but haven’t made hotel reservations yet, don’t miss next week’s email!


And Remember!

Our Annual Golf Tournament will be held at Silver Lakes Golf Course Saturday morning at 8:00 AM! If you haven’t registered yet, we would love to have you come play with us! Call 256-399-9049 to register!