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The Ark Encounter

The Ark Encounter

The Mark Trammell Quartet was honored recently to minister at the Ark Encounter in northern Kentucky. This life size replica of Noah’s Ark is the world’s largest timber frame structure, built from standing dead timber. If you haven’t visited the Ark yet, it’s an amazing theme park built on the foundational truths of the Bible and a great encouragement to Believers. This was MTQ’s first time to visit the Ark Encounter and it was incredible. While there, we were able to walk through this amazing structure and minister to the people who visited that day with a concert in the afternoon and a message from Mark Trammell.


While we may wonder…do the events of Genesis chapter six really make a difference in the Believer’s life? As Mark reminded those at the Answers Center Sunday evening, a big part of this Biblical event was Noah’s absolute faith in God.


When you walk through the Ark Encounter and see all the things that took place you have to remember that it’s not just a story from a book, it is a reality of life. Noah was someone like us. He had flesh and bones, he had blood running through his veins. He had emotions and frustrations just like we do. But…he believed what God told him.


Noah built a ship without any way to guide it – he completely trusted God. Noah trusted God with his life and the life of his family. Because of Noah’s intimate trust in his Creator, God spared them and used them to start the world over.

– Mark Trammell


If Noah hadn’t done what God told him to do, he would never have experienced that kind of faith. Let us, as Noah once did, seek God in such a way that inspires such trust in our everyday lives.


We want to thank Ken Ham, the team at Answers In Genesis and Abraham Productions for hosting this event at the Ark Encounter. We were thrilled to play a small part and pray that many will be forever impacted by the truth displayed at this theme park. If you haven’t visited the Ark Encounter yet, we hope you will.