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Memphis Quartet Show – Is On!

Memphis Quartet Show – Is On!

If you haven’t heard, we want you to know that the Memphis Quartet Show is going to happen June 16 – 19, 2021!


Mark will be performing Thursday afternoon with the Second Half Quartet Reunion. The matinee starts at 1:00 PM and MTQ will be singing Thursday evening during the main concert.


You can purchase tickets here:


Hotel Info regarding the Sheraton Hotel:

If you had reservations for rooms at the Sheraton Hotel for 2020, those reservations were all cancelled by the hotel last June (2020) and no one was charged for those reservations.

Thus, if you haven’t made new hotel reservations for the 2021 event, and would like to stay at the connecting Sheraton Hotel, rooms are available at a discounted rate of $134 per night until May 28, 2021. After that date, remaining rooms will increase to full price.

​To reserve Sheraton Hotel rooms by phone, call the Sheraton at (901) 527-7300, then press 1 to be connected to the central reservation. Be sure to provide them with one of the following group codes to receive our discounted rate:

“Memphis Quartet 2021”




Information regarding seating:

If you had seats reserved, or had general admission seats for the 2020 Memphis Quartet Show, those seat reservations ARE still good and you CAN use your passes that read “2020.” New passes reading “2021” are NOT necessary.


What about masks and social distancing?

The Cannon Center staff, after recent announcements by the CDC and The Shelby County (Tennessee) Health Department, has noted that face masks and social distancing will be encouraged. HOWEVER, the staff has also chosen to take the position, effective today (Monday, May 17), that the Cannon Center personnel WILL NOT enforce the wearing of masks, nor will the personnel enforce social distancing.

Thus, if you choose to wear a mask, you are welcomed to do so. If you choose not to wear a mask, you are able to do so. The same goes with social distancing—there will be seating available for those who choose to observe some measure of social distancing. Otherwise, normal seating arrangements will be in effect. Other safety recommendations (such as hand sanitizing stations, etc.) will be ongoing as planned.


We look forward to seeing you in Memphis!