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God Has Provided

Top 5 Singing News Fan Awards Nominations – Thank You!

Top 5 Singing News Fan Awards Nominations – Thank You!

We just received word from the Singing News Magazine announcing the Top 5 Nominees for the 2019 Singing News Fan Awards. You all voted MTQ in five categories and we feel so blessed by your support. Thank you for believing in this ministry – we are thrilled and honored by your vote of confidence!

You nominated MTQ as Top 5 in these categories…

Favorite Male Quartet – Mark Trammell Quartet
Favorite Baritone – Mark Trammell
Favorite Young Artist – Trevor Conkle
Favorite Album – “God Has Provided”
Favorite Song – “Treasures In Heaven”

The final round of the Fan Awards will come out with the July Issue of Singing News and the Awards Ceremony will take place in Pigeon Forge at the National Quartet Convention on Wednesday, September 25th. To become a subscriber and vote in the final round, please visit —>