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Alaska Cruise Top 10

Alaska Cruise Top 10

The beauty and wildlife of the last frontier comprises things many only dream of seeing in their lifetime.  With ports of call ranging from the elegant Victoria to the rugged mountains of Juneau, you can imagine the endless list of possible activities available when your feet step on Alaska soil.  Yet, that’s not all!  There also are a variety of options on ship that are begging to be experienced.  As you prepare to sail with us this July 7 – 14, 2018 we want to help you keep informed about all the options Alaska and the msEurodam has to offer to make your cruise the trip of a lifetime… 

1) Bible Study

As the ship transports us to the next destination, there will be opportunities to hear Andy Stanley or Dr. Charles Stanley teach from the Word.  The Bible Study sessions will be scheduled before or after we come into port so you won’t miss the natural masterpieces on shore!   Check the times on your schedule in your cabin and don’t miss the opportunity to be at one of these sessions! 

2)  The Parliament Buildings

A statue of Queen Victoria is displayed on the front lawn along with a memorial for the soldiers who died in WWI, WWII and the Korean War.  In the evenings, the buildings are lit with 13,000 bulbs.  Our ship comes into port at 6:00 PM…giving passengers plenty of time to view the Parliament Building displayed in a bath of lights!  Though the building itself will be closed when we come into port, you can download a brochure for an outdoor self-guided walking tour here.  A main landmark in British Columbia and conveniently located within walking distance of the Inner Harbor, The Parliament Buildings are a must see while strolling through streets of Victoria.

Established in 1843 as a fort for the Hudson’s Bay Company, Victoria’s British ancestry is apparent in the double-decked buses, horse-drawn carriages, formal gardens and tearooms.  They say the Parliament Building has 13,000 lights, but whose counting?

3)  Butchart Gardens

Mr. Butchart was attracted to Western Canada because of the rich limestone deposits, but after sustaining a successful quarry and cement plant, the deposits were depleted and left a rather unattractive pit in the landscape.  Over time his wife, Jennie, transformed the area into what is now one of Victoria’s most attractive tourist destinations – Butchard Gardens.  Today, with six gardens to tour, visitors see nothing but beauty in the variety of plants and flowers on display.  From the Japanese Garden by the seaside to the Mediterranean Garden and the Italian Garden, you can easily spend an evening strolling through these breathtaking creations!

4)  Fresh Baked Salmon

Fresh Salmon baked on an open grill with brown sugar, lemon and honey.  There’s nothing like it!  When it comes time for dessert, you roast marshmallows over an open fire.  This is one of MTQ’s favorite excursions.  It never gets old!  Along the way, you may even spot some Alaskan wildlife like bears or eagles!

5)  Mendenhall Glacier

One of 38 glaciers that make up the Juneau ice-field, Mendenhall Glacier is known for its easy access and beautiful scenery.

A trip to the Mendenhall Glacier is really your one stop shop for all things outdoors when you visit Juneau.  It is located in the stunning Tongass National Park where you have a choice of guided hikes on six different trails, viewing salmon in their natural habitat on Mendenhall Lake, observing the majestic Nugget Falls, or a quiet afternoon in the Visitors Center learning about the history and geology of glaciers.  The glacier is only 600 meters from the Visitors Center and very accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities.  (Admission to the Visitors Center is $3 per person.)  Visit a landscape that seems to be from another world.

Whether you’re looking for an active outdoor excursion or a leisurely afternoon taking in the sights, the area near Mendenhall Glacier offers it all. 

6. Whale and Eagle Watching

While there are many activities to enjoy on the Alaska Cruise, don’t miss the enjoyment of a relaxing afternoon in the Crow’s Nest or on deck.  During these times, you may spot orca or humpback whales in the waters.  But don’t keep your eyes just on the water, eagles may be souring above as well!  This simple time may be one of your cherished memories from the cruise.

7)  Mount Roberts Tramway

This tour visits Juneau’s hallmark attractions – Mendenhall Glacier and Mount Roberts Tramway. Your journey begins with a narrated tour of downtown Juneau and the city’s highlights en route to Mendenhall Valley-home of the mighty glacier. Your guide will point out many of the attractions that you’ll want to see during your approximate 1½-hour stay at the glacier area. Scenic Photo Point and the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center are well worth a visit.

8)  Totem Poles

Over 80 poles are displayed throughout the town, so where ever you go, you are bound to see a few.  If you’re looking for a tour with a detailed account of how totem poles are made and what they mean, the Totem Bight State Historical Park is a good place to start.  (If you visit this park, you will also see a life size replica of a chieftain’s house!)  Or you can visit the Totem Heritage Center in the downtown area.  There are also ancient totem poles kept in a climate controlled cases and others raised over a century ago for public viewing.  Totem poles were created to tell stories, remember events, births and marriages and were not worshipped by natives.  These poles are still hand carved today in Ketchikan and cost $3000 per linear foot – now that’s something to see!

9)  Creek Street

Creek Street is one of Ketchikan’s most popular attractions.  Build over the water, the wooden boardwalk connects visitors with the shops, museums and restaurants along the water front.  A perfect blending of history with a relaxing day of shopping!  Or, if a casual walk around nature calls, turn off at Married Man’s Trail and take the wooden staircase and boardwalk to Park Avenue. You can also follow Married Man’s Trail until you reach the salmon ladder and watch the fish try and jump the “ladder” to head upstream!

10)  Russian Bishop’s House

Take a step back in time to when Sitka was the Russian Capital and learn about the history of the area!  The house was constructed in 1842 for the bishop of the Orthodox Church and is the oldest intact Russian building in Sitka. An important part of Sitka history, the tour will display the renovated house, artifacts and photos from the period.  As a National Monument this building is a must see for tourists!  The first floor can be toured for free and the upstairs for a small fee of $2.  Within walking distance of the cruise port.

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