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Comment shared via our web site: … touched by music

Comment shared via our web site: … touched by music

Wanted to share with you a comment received via our web site from a attendee of a concert in Texas.

“How you blessed me during the revival at at Hillcrest Baptist in Jasper.  I was visiting the church and was so touched by your music. I was visiting along with my mother-in-law in search for a traditional service.  We are members of a Church in Woodville, TX and they are so concentrated on the contemporary service like so many churches are now and have lost touch, in our opinion, on worship. Our experience in visiting Hillcrest Baptist was a true blessing and Praise the Lord you were there to make it even more so!  Please come back to see us again!”

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  • Kristin Dimitry
    April 11, 2011 3:24 pm

    I can't get the email to go through soooo.
    I miss you guys already. I pray you are as blessed in your upcoming events as much as you have blessed us here at Hillcrest. We will miss "the singers." YOU ALL ARE ONE OF A KIND

    Joel- thanks for loving my daughter. She wanted to DUCT TAPE her picture to her mirror.(we are country when your five year old wants duct tape)

    Pat- I never got a chance to talk to you, but I have never enjoyed a bass singer as much as you. I even understood what you said. I promise I was not obsessed with you, I just LOVED your voice.

    Dustin- You are so multi-talented. How in the world could they make it without you? You need more solos!!!

    Mark- You are so wonderful. I felt like I knew your heart. I love it when you talk. Your voice is wonderful too I grew up going to your concerts and felt like you were a celebrity.

    We love you guys and will be praying.

    OH OH OH.. I am guessing the other guy was the bus driver. YOU ARE SOOOO SWEET.. He is a keeper. Lynlee will miss you too

    In God's Love,

    Kristin Dimitry

    Few Second Grade


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