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God Has Provided



Dear Ones,

I just received word that one of our most faithful bloodline members is having a real fight with cancer.  WE KNOW who the great physician is and are committed to rest only on HIS final prognosis.  I ask that you join me in praying for God to touch Barb Tweedie.  She and her husband Ed are a part of the backbone of our ministry.  We’re trusting God on their behalf in these days of trying times.

Also, please pray for some of my favorite kids, the Taylors.  Jonathan, Leslie, and Suzanne were in Tokyo, Japan last week when the Earthquake/Tsunami devastation took place. A two hour tour bus ride back to Tokyo turned into a fourteen hour ordeal.  They were on MT Fuji when the earthquake took place.

Suzanne shared with me that ONLY by God’s grace they were able to make it out.  They are all three convinced that while experiencing the almost hourly aftershocks in what had turned into a ghost town, God sent an angel of mercy out of no where to navigate them thru the streets and remaining open subway trains as they made their way toward the new airport that had literally opened THAT DAY.  They secured three seats which came available on the only flight out before the mandatory post trauma shutdowns took place.  They are safe at home with their family but are having post traumatic conditions which normally do take place after being involved in such an event.  Help me pray that God will calm their nerves and allow them to rest.

Prayer still changes things and people too!