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Mark Trammell Quartet is a reality!

Mark Trammell Quartet is a reality!

George Younce said it best. Mark Trammell is a “quartet man” period. And after two years of soul searching and watching the craft of the traditional gospel quartet become scarce, Mark has decided to move from trio status to realizing his life long dream of having his own traditional style all male gospel quartet.

“This is not a decision that was made flippantly” Mark states, and all I’m really doing is simply returning to my roots. I was trained by some of the greatest men to ever take a quartet to the stage and I’m very excited about MTQ endeavoring to raise the bar when it comes our music and being able to minister to, as well as entertain our friends and fans.”

Mark has always been about singing and not gimmicks. He reminds us that Glen Payne and George Younce taught him that at the end of the day if you want to be successful in stirring the hearts of the people, you MUST eventually sing TO their hearts, and not just their heads.

Mark admits that there was a motive behind his decision to announce the change before knowing who the bass singer was going to be. While he openly states that this was not necessarily a religious awakening, he does want the right man for the position. In making the announcement the way he did, the prospects came to him, instead of him going on a search to find the right man.

The Mark Trammell Quartet is proud to announce the arrival of Pat Barker to Gadsden, Alabama and we are looking forward to great days ahead.