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God Has Provided

Spring is almost here!

Spring is almost here!

Dear ones,

Its been too long since my last update so I’m gonna try to fill you in.  We started our year off as usual in Conroe, Tx at the annual bible conference held at Mims Baptist Church.  We were honored along with our dear friends the Whisnants, to be the musical guests for the conference.  One of the joys of my life is to sing with the massive choir there at Mims.  Wow they can really sing!  Our thanks to Gene and Kevin Kendrick for allowing us to be a part of that great conference.

February of course is cruise month and did we ever cruise!  The largest gospel cruise in the water today is the Singing at Sea.  The dates are posted on our website for next years cruise.  The cruise sold out early last year so don’t wait too long to get a brochure from our office.  For those who don’t know, you our fans and friends are the reason we get to go on this trip.  If you sign up with us, you enable us to take our families as well.  For that, we are very grateful!

I had vein surgery on my left leg the week after the cruise so I have been hobbling around on a cane since then.  Nick took me to Wal-mart for one of my first outings and I  didn’t know how much fun riding one of those scooters could be!  LOL!  I don’t think Nick will be so eager to “get Dad out of the house” next time. HE HE HE!   I think that just about catches us up for now.  Oh, btw, we just got word that our song “Loving the Lamb” has gone to no. 7 in the national chart for the month of May!  Thank you so much for your response to this wonderful Kyla Rowland song.  This is our highest position to date on radio. To God Be The Glory! We love you in Jesus and will see you on the road somewhere!