2002 - Present:
Mark Trammell Ministries

For over fifteen years, The Mark Trammell Quartet has traveled across the nation and around the world with one message - Jesus Christ.

Iconic baritone, Mark Trammell, leads the quartet with the wisdom of 44 years experience in gospel music.
2002 August 11, 2002 this ministry began with the obedience of one man to God's call on his life and God's faithfulness to supply.
August 11,2002 Mark Trammell Trio's first appearance at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Southern Pines, NC.
August 16, 2002 MTT's first major event as a ministry in Greenville, SC at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion.
OCTOBER 8, 2002 First CD released titled, Love To Tell The Story.
First performance at the National Quartet Convention.
FEBRUARY 2004 MTT is featured on their very first Singing News Magazine cover.
Tenor Eric Phillips wins the Horizon Individual Award in 2004.
2004 FIRST TOUR BUS The Mark Trammell Trio acquires their first tour bus - a white Eagle.
2005 FAVORITE BARITONE Mark Trammell receives the award for Favorite Baritone during the 2005 Singing News Fan Awards.
2006 FIRST HOMECOMING Mark Trammell Trio hosts their first homecoming in Anniston, AL.
2007 FIRST NQC MESSAGE Mark Trammell preaches his first message at the National Quartet Convention.
JUNE 2008 Mark Trammell Trio is featured on the Cover of the Singing News Magazine.
2008 RED BUS In 2008 MTT began touring on a red bus fondly named, Big Red.
2009 JOINS FLICKRIn 2009, the trio joins the Flikr social media platform.
2010 TRIO BECOMES A QUARTET In January of 2010, Mark Trammell realizes his life long dream and announces the decision to move from a trio to a traditional style, all male quartet.
JULY 2010 Mark Trammell Quartet is featured on the cover of the July Singing News Magazine.
2011 MTQ GETS SOCIAL April 2011 marks the launch of MTQ into the social world of Facebook and YouTube.
2012 THE WHITE PEARL The Mark Trammell Quartet acquires new transportation which is aptly named the White Pearl.
MTQ TWEETS In 2012, MTQ joins the world of Twitter.
2012 MOST PLAYED SONG OF THE YEAR In 2012, MTQ earned the honor of having the most played song of the year, I Want To Know.
2013 JOINS INSTAGRAM In 2013, MTQ joins the Instagram social platform and begins sharing life from the road in photographs.
2014 CRIMSON ROAD PRODUCTIONS Mark Trammell announces the formation of a new record label, Crimson Road Productions, forming yet another chapter in the multi-fauceted life of MTQ's ministry.
YOUR WALK TALKS BLOG TOUR Mark Trammell Quartet introduces fans to their new CD titled, Your Walk Talks by hosting the first ever online Blog Tour in SGM.
ONLINE LAUNCH PARTY Another first for the genre, MTQ hosts an online launch party with The Whisnants promoting the CD release of Home For Christmas.
2015 APRIL SN COVER MTQ was featured on the April cover of the Singing News magazine in 2014 as Mark celebrated 40 years in gospel music.
AUGUST 2015 40 YEARS! August of 2015 marked a milestone in Mark Trammell's life as he celebrated 40 years in gospel music!
MTQ APP Mark Trammell Quartet launches their mobile app.
2015 FAVORITE BARITONE In 2015, Mark Trammell was honored to be voted Favorite Baritone by Singing News fans.
2016 NORTHERN IRELAND TOUR MTQ had the honor to visit with Councilor Audrey Wales, MBE, Mayour of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council in Ballymena, Northern Ireland during their tour.
2016 & 2017 FAVORITE BARITONE Mark Trammell is honored to be voted Favorite Baritone by Singing News fans.
FULL SAIL VIDEO SERIES The FULL SAIL Video Series launches on social media giving viewers a look behind the song recorded on the project.
ISRAEL In March of 2017, Mark is honored to be a part of a life changing trip to the Holy Land where he had the opportunity to preach on the Mount of Beatitudes.
GOSPEL MUSIC HALL OF FAME Mark was inducted for a second time into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. This year, 2017, he was inducted for his tenure with Gold City.
JULY SN COVER Mark Trammell Quartet is featured on the July cover of the Singing News magazine in honor of their 15 Year Anniversary!
AUGUST 2017 August of 2017 Mark Trammell Quartet celebrated their 15th Anniversary during their homecoming event in Anniston, AL.
September 2017MTQ Debuts their Great Moments CD at the 60th Anniversary of NQC. Songs on the CD are in their original arrangement format in honor of the great quartets who have performed them!
AUGUST 2017 August of 2017 Mark Trammell Quartet celebrated their 15th Anniversary during their homecoming event in Anniston, AL.