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God Has Provided


Mark Trammell Quartet / Great Moments CD
Great Moments | Mark Trammell Quartet

Great Moments CD


Jesus Is Coming Soon
He Touched Me
Learning To Lean
I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now
The Lighthouse
I Know
He Is Mine, I Am His
Leave Your Sorrows
He Pilots My Ship
I Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone

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Songs are mere words until put to music.

Moments, however, are words put to music that are so profound and life changing that they touch the heart of man when nothing else will penetrate.

Such is the case with these cornerstone songs of the faith.   Encouraging, enriching, and endearing.  So much more than just songs.  They are truly Great Moments in the history of our genre.  God given lyrics coupled with inspiring harmonies and premier musical arrangements that that will live in perpetuity.  Mark Trammell Quartet offers this collection in their original arrangement format in honor of the great quartets who have performed them.