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God Has Provided



Artists: Blake Buffin, Mark Trammell, Nick Trammell, Randy Byrd
Labels: Crimson Road Productions, Daywind Records
Release Date: 9-28-2015
Genre: Gospel
About The Album

In 2010, the Mark Trammell Trio became a quartet.  Still, there are many songs from the trio days that folks want to continue hearing . . .

Walk with us down memory lane as we transform some of the most popular songs of the trio days into beloved quartet harmony!  Turn it up and enjoy some of our most cherished moments in the musical history of this ministry.

1. Heaven
2. Coming Out, Moving In
3. I Am Free
4. When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven
5. I Needed To Hear That
6. I Know That I Know
7. Loving The Lamb
8. It’s Jesus
9. When Compared To God
10. If Only Just A Few

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