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God Has Provided

God Has Provided

God Has Provided

God Has Provided | Mark Trammell Quartet
Artists: Mark Trammell, Nick Trammell, Randy Byrd, Stephen Adair, Trevor Conkle
Label: Crimson Road Productions
Release Date: 11-1-2019
Genre: Gospel
About The Album

If we step back and take a broader look at Scripture, we see that God’s provision isn’t just limited to salvation; it covers all aspects of life. Take a journey with us through our new album as we celebrate God’s provision and presence in our lives through ten songs that we pray will bless you like they’ve blessed us.

1. Be Saved
2. Forever King
3. Just A Little While
4. The Way in the Wilderness
5. Not If, But When
6. When They All Get Together
7. Go Ask Moses
8. God Has Provided
9. The Hem of His Garment
10. Good Enough For Me

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