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God Has Provided

Full Sail

Full Sail

Artists: Blake Buffin, Mark Trammell, Nick Trammell, Randy Byrd
Genre: Gospel
About The Album

“We have been looking at songs for two years for this project, the title of it is Full Sail.” says Mark Trammell. “Picking the right songs is a process I don’t rush through.  We record songs that are musically fun for us to sing and the audience to hear, but more importantly, they have a message that will stay with the people after they leave one of our concerts.”

Full Sail is given by the Captain when the stormy seas have calmed and the peaceful seas are in front of them. Full sail – everything is back in order, God has control, He has calmed the waters of life and we can proceed toward home. Each song leads us to the same mindset, the same concept. Whether you are nearing the end of a journey or feel that you are ready to live for Christ in a way you never have before, we pray these songs will lift you up along the way.