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God Has Provided

Singing News Fan Awards – New For 2021!

Singing News Fan Awards – New For 2021!

The moment a lot of you have been waiting for is here – the nomination round for the 2021 Singing News Fan Awards is open! This year, there are some new guidelines for voting. In fact, anyone can vote now. Instead of having to purchase a subscription to cast your vote, you can now have your voice heard and only need to enter a valid email address. We know that this is exciting news for many!

Another new feature is the “drop down” box. If you can’t remember the name of the artist you want to nominate, or, don’t want to type it in, you can find them in the drop down section of each category. All of the categories MTQ is eligible in are already in the dropdown boxes – so all you have to do is scroll!

If your selection isn’t in the dropdown, choose ‘Other’ and type your choice in the provided box for that category. If you vote for someone on the dropdown and type something in the ‘Other’ box, the ‘other’ will not be counted.  Only one vote per category is allowed. Duplicate votes from the same IP address will not be counted.

MTQ would be honored to have your consideration in the nominating round. Your support means a lot to us!


MTQ is eligible in these categories….

Favorite Artist – Mark Trammell Quartet
Favorite Traditional Quartet – Mark Trammell Quartet
Favorite Song – “God Has Provided Himself A Lamb”
Favorite Tenor – Stephen Adair
Favorite Lead – Nick Trammell
Favorite Baritone – Mark Trammell
Favorite Bass – Randy Byrd
Favorite Young Artist – Trevor Conkle
Favorite Musician – Trevor Conkle

Vote online here —>