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Album Reviews for Full Sail

Album Reviews for Full Sail

Positive reviews for our new CD, Full Sail, are coming in!  We want to extend a special thank you to all of the writers for your kind words and believing in this album as much as we do.  Read sample excerpts below and then click on the links to read what folks are saying about Full Sail…
 From Southern Gospel Critique

“Mark Trammell is in his mid-50s now, and sounds better than ever.  What a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft, that he seems to somehow get better every time his quartet records a new CD!  Some of the greatest singers to ever pick up a microphone have sung gospel music, and Mark Trammell takes a back seat to none of them…”  Read more —>  HERE

From Lynn’s Chronicles
“Each time I listen to this CD, I hear a theme that is written in a traditional, hymn-like sound but speaks to the listener living in a modern world.  The practicality, relevance and application to life are heard in each lyric.  That alone, makes this a recording that will stay in your CD player for a very long time…”  Read more —> HERE
From Your Gospel Truth
““Full Sail” is an album that will bring the listener into the midst of praise and worship as they are reminded of the great things that God has done for them each and every day when we allow Him to minister to us…”  Read more —> HERE