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God Has Provided

Second Half Quartet releases first CD TODAY!

Second Half Quartet releases first CD TODAY!

When The Mark Trammell Quartet and Greater Vision appear on the same program, you will often see them bring Pat Barker along and sing as The Second Half Quartet.  This “new” group consisting of Mark Trammell, Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin, Chris Allman and Pat Barker come together for a program of live music and classic quartet songs that they know you will enjoy. 
Today is the official release of the Second Half Quartet’s first CD, Refreshing.  For a limited time, we’re offering free shipping!  Songs include:
“Cheer the Weary Traveler”
“I’m Going Up”
“Gonna Shout All Over Heaven”
“Rivers of Joy”
“Remind Me of Calvary”
“When I Move”
“Wonderful Grace of Jesus”
“I’m Standing on Holy Ground”
“The Prodigal Son”
“Going Home”
Purchase your copy of “Refreshing” now by visiting the Second Half Quartet website here —>  purchase CD

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  • Ruth Hiebert
    July 25, 2016 10:09 pm

    This is a wonderful CD.I purchased it on iTunes and love each song.

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