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Nassau – Top 5 Things To Do

Nassau – Top 5 Things To Do

Located on New Providence Island, Nassau is a tourist gem hidden in the waters of the Caribbean.  From a rich history to sunny beaches, important historical monuments and shopping, this port has something to offer anyone.  We’re excited to be returning to this delightful port February 13-17, 2016 on the Singing at Sea Cruise!  To give you a quick idea of what some of those things are, we’ve outlined five of the most popular activities on this stop of our trip.  
1.      Atlantis Saltwater Aquarium.  The Marine Exhibits at Atlantis on Paradise Island are among the largest in the world and is the only one of its size in the Caribbean.  Showcasing 14 lagoons and eight million gallons of saltwater, you will see over 250 species of marine life including sharks, rays, barracuda and even an endangered alligator gar.  As you walk along the glass exhibit and through the glass tunnel, these creatures – both beautiful and dangerous – will swim alongside on the other side!   

2.      The Straw Market.  Nassau could be most famous for its Straw Market where your eye for spotting the perfect keepsake is up against your ability to negotiate the price you want to pay.  Unique gifts and souvenirs can be found among the vendors in this colorful setting! 
3.      The Queen’s Staircase.  The most visited site in Nassau is the Queen’s Staircase – named after Queen Victoria for her part in bringing freedom to the slaves in the Bahamas were carved out of solid limestone between 1793-1794.  Even if you’re not interested in making the climb up all 65 steps, visitors consider this one of the most beautiful sites in Nassau.  The greenery around the area gives the place a lush, island feel and its location has been known to be much cooler than the rest of Nassau!  The Queen’s Staircase is a free activity you can do on your own, or, you can find a city tour that stops there as well. 
4.      Clifton Heritage National Park.  This tour will take you to the Clifton Heritage National Park where you can tour an old plantation, learn about Bahamian history and relax on the beach.  If you decide to snorkel, you can follow the marked path and see the underwater sculptures and even a plane and ship wreck.  You will find Clifton a place where you can relax and enjoy this exquisite piece of paradise. 
5.      Ardastra Gardens.  Have you heard of the marching ducks at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee?  Well, there’s a Caribbean version!  Watch flamingos go on parade three times a day at Ardastra Gardens in Nassau.  In the zoo, you can also see a variety of birds, mammals and reptiles, including two jaguars and a blue and gold macaw.  This tour would make a delightful activity while you enjoy the day in Nassau.                  

What are your favorite places to visit in Nassau?  Drop us a comment and let us know!  If you haven’t been to Nassau, we would be thrilled to be your host group on the Singing at Sea Cruise February 13-17, 2017.  

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