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God Has Provided

May 2016

Rewind with Mark Trammell – Heaven

The song “Heaven” was originally a Bluegrass song sent to me by Mark Mathes. I was singing with Gold City at the time and had the task of bringing songs to the bus where we would all listen and decide what we wanted to record. “Heaven” had...

Singing News Fan Awards – Top 5 Nominations

You have honored us once again!  The Top 5 Nominations for the Singing News Fan Awards have been released and we want to thank you for nominating The Mark Trammell Quartet as Favorite Traditional Quartet and Mark Trammell for Favorite Baritone.  We are truly humbled by your recognition of...

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all the mothers a blessed Mother's Day this year!   We want to take a moment and honor the mothers close to our heart's - LaResa Trammell, Jessica Trammell, Tracy Byrd and Kay Buffin.  Your faithfulness to your Savior and family shines brightly through each of you and we couldn't...