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God Has Provided

March 2016

The Value of the Empty Tomb

There is great value in emptiness.  When we empty ourselves of things such as worry, anxiety, concern, frustrations and bitterness, all those things that come from our carnal flesh; there is more room for God inside of us.  To be emptied of the things of this world and filled with...

Rewind with Randy Byrd to 2010

When we recorded our current CD, Rewind, we picked 10 of our favorite songs from the trio days to re-record.  Now, we want to share some personal insights into these songs - what they mean to us and why they're our favorites.  Today, let's "Rewind" with Randy to 2010...

Singing at Sea 2016

February 15-20th LaResa and I went on our 54th cruise in 37 years of marriage!  We always look forward to the time when we can embark on a vessel and see a different piece of God’s creation with His people.  The 2016 Singing at Sea Cruisedeparted from Tampa, Florida...