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Have You Been Enjoying the MTQ App?

Have You Been Enjoying the MTQ App?

We hope your answer is, “Yes!” 
If so, we would love to hear what part of the MTQ App you enjoy the most. 
Is it easy access to our Tour Schedule?  The updates on the Latest Happenings page?  The Loyalty Card, Photos or Store? 
We would be grateful for your feedback by clicking one of the links below and leaving us a rating on the app store.  Positive reviews help folks when they consider downloading our app.  These ratings/reviews let people know that the MTQ App is trustworthy and safe for their phones and tablets.  By leaving a positive rating, you’re helping our ministry! 
To leave a rating and let us know what your favorite part of our app is:  follow these simple instructions…   

1. Click the link below that applies to your device.
2. Select “Reviews.”
3. Click “write a customer review.”
4. Tap the amount of stars you want to rate us as.  (Five stars being the best.)
5. Below the stars, in the “review” column, tell us your favorite part of the MTQ App.
6. Hit “send” and you’re done!

For iPhone/iPad users – click here.
For Google Play/Android users – click here. 
It’s as easy as that!
Thank you for considering leaving us a review and sharing what part of the MTQ App you enjoy on the app store!  We can’t wait to hear from you!