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Top 10 Things To Do on Singing at Sea 2016

Top 10 Things To Do on Singing at Sea 2016

February 15-20th, 2016 we will be departing Tampa, Florida for the Singing at Sea Cruise! On this trip our vessel will be stopping in two ports of call: Grand Cayman, British West Indies and Cozumel, Mexico. Both destinations have multiple sights to see and we want to take a few minutes and share some of them with you! We have titled this our list of “Top 10 Things To Do on Singing at Sea.”

 #1 The Ancient Mayan Ruins of Tulum

 The Ancient Mayan Ruins of Tulum are located on the mainland of Mexico just over the Cozumel Channel. On an excursion provided by Carnival, this tour will take you on a tour through the only Mayan ruins built on a beach by a guide who will explain the history, culture and religious beliefs of the Mayan people. This excellent tour provides time for the ruins, a brief stop for shopping and even a relaxing afternoon on the beach below as Tulum towers above.

# 2 Grand Cayman Island Tour

 In Grand Cayman, you can take an Island Tour (excursion by Carnival) that will take you around the island, stopping at the island’s largest attractions all in one tour. This is a great way to see everything in Grand Cayman at once! Along the way you will see Fort George, The Turtle Farm, a home built to resemble a Gingerbread house, Seven Mile Beach, a place covered with black limestone called “Hell” and more.

#3 The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef 

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is the second largest in the world. The coral reefs in Cozumel are extensions of this larger one and now can be seen in other ways than donning flippers and a diving tank. In the Atlantis Submarine, you and 47 more passengers can descend 100 feet below the water and view colorful fish, a coral head, sharks and every kind of sea creature there is on this 40 minute plunge beneath the sea. Less than 1% of the world’s population has been in a submarine, when you add that with seeing one of the world’s natural wonders up close, you will have experienced something not many people get to see in their lifetime.

#4 Seven Mile Beach 

Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman has been rated the #1 best beach in the world by U.S. News & World Report. From all over the globe people come to dig their feet into the fluffy white sand and snorkel off shore. If there is place in the Caribbean to kick back and enjoy your vacation – this is it!

#5 Deep Sea Fishing 

Are the men in your life not fond of long hours on the beach or the constant chatter of a tour? Send them Deep Sea Fishing in Cozumel! For four hours, you can cast your lines into the Caribbean Sea to bait the perfect catch. Be sure to bring your camera along and snap a photo with your prize! Of course, ladies are allowed too!

#6 The Turtle Farm

The Turtle Farm in Grand Cayman is the only one of its kind in the whole world. These turtles almost went extinct due to generations of inhabitants catching them for meat, but now you can view these magnificent creatures in their own habitat. What’s so special about a turtle? Well, these can weigh up to 600 pounds! At the farm, you have the opportunity to hold baby turtles and view the adults in aquarium like pools and if you’re there at the right time, even see babies hatch from their eggs. An experience you won’t forget!

#7 Midnight Buffet 

On our ship, the ms Paradise, you won’t want to miss the Midnight Buffet. The crew goes “all out” carving ice sculptures and cooking delicious foods for this event on board. Be sure to try the fish tacos, mango/pineapple salsa and octopus salsa with a variety of chips!

 #8 The Blue Iguana

Have you ever seen a Blue Iguana? You can at The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in Grand Cayman! The Blue Iguana is the Cayman’s largest native land animal. It can grow up to five feet long, weigh 25 pounds and live as long as humans! With dragon like features and unique blue color, this reptile is a once in a lifetime object to behold…and you can only do it in the Caymans. These lizards are truly a unique thing to add to your “must see” list for Grand Cayman.

 #9 Twenty-Four Hour Ice Cream Bar 

If you have ever heard a Gospel Artist talk about this cruise, you no doubt heard about the 24 hour ice cream machine. Open all day and night during the trip, this is the place where you can satisfy your sweet tooth till your heart is content. You need to do it at least once! *wink*

#10 Attend Your Host’s Private Concert 

Attend your host’s private concert! With MTQ as your host, we set aside a portion of one day to spend extra time with the folks who chose to cruise with us. During this special time together, you can look forward to hearing your favorite songs in an intimate setting and visiting with us before and after the concert. You never know what will happen!

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