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Snowmen or Snow Angels – What Will Blake Pick?

Snowmen or Snow Angels – What Will Blake Pick?

Christmastime is upon us, with it comes a variety of traditions and preferences that are passed down from generation to generation and change from family to family, person to person.  Does Mark, Nick, Blake and Randy have the same preferences?  Find out in the coming posts where we will be answering five questions about Christmas!  

Our tenor, Blake Buffin, answers these five questions today…

Do you wrap your presents or have someone do it for you?I wrap my own, and it shows.

Egg Nog or Fruit Cake?Eggnog because fruitcake is just terrible.

Snowman or Snow Angel?Snow men, I like a challenge 🙂

Color Lights or White Lights?I like a mixture of both lights.

Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?Traditionally we open on Christmas day.