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God Has Provided

Thankfulness with Randy Byrd

Thankfulness with Randy Byrd

Only three days until Thanksgiving!  We want to share with you the things we are thankful for, the Scriptures that have impacted our lives and the songs that have ministered to us this year.  Then, on November 25th we want to hear from YOU!  Stay tuned!      
Randy Byrd
Thankful for the message in this song:  God’s Been Faithful
Thankful for this passage of Scripture:  Titus 1:2

My favorite verse isn’t considered to be a “Thanksgiving” verse per se, but the message in it is what I’m most thankful for!!  
“In hope of eternal life, God which cannot lie, promised before the world began.” – Titus 1:2 
I’m thankful that God made a way for me. I’m thankful His promises are true!  I’m thankful that Gods been faithful!!!  In my darkest hour, there was healing power!! God gave me His Son, my beautiful wife Tracy, and brought me to MTQ.  His healing power is awesome! 

Happy Thanksgiving!
Randy Byrd