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Mark Trammell Quartet Offers FREE Mobile App

Mark Trammell Quartet Offers FREE Mobile App

The Mark Trammell Quartet is thrilled to announce the release of a new platform to update and connect with their fans!  As of today, you can download the MTQ mobile app – available for Apple and Android devices.  The MTQ app is the easiest and most convenient way to stay connected with the Mark Trammell Quartet – and it’s free!

Not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter, and in our modern day world where everything is turning to social media, it can be hard to stay updated on your favorite ministries.  The app offers people a way to stay updated with concerts, latest releases and current news without having to log onto all the media platforms to find the information you need.  With the app, everything MTQ is at your fingertips with one click…  
The app is compatible with Apple (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices.  When you download the app, there will be an option to allow “push notifications” – these notifications are sent directly to your phone/tablet and will appear on the lock screen.  When a notification comes with a title that interests you, just slide it open (like you would to answer a phone call) and the app opens automatically, taking you to the page with the information that appeared on the lock screen.  The notifications will include concert dates, news items, instant updates from the road, encouraging thoughts and more!     
For more information about the MTQ app or to download, visit!