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Eric Phillips New Tenor For Mark Trammell Quartet!!

Eric Phillips New Tenor For Mark Trammell Quartet!!

 After three months of searching, praying, and auditioning. Mark Trammell Quartet is happy to announce that former Mark Trammell TRIO tenor Eric Phillips will rejoin the group at the end of the year.  Eric has faithfully served the city of Gadsden, Alabama as a law enforcement officer for the last 2 years and has earned highest honors in his service to them.  Eric states “When music is in your blood, its hard to get it out. I’m looking forward to getting back on the road with Mark and the guys, seeing friends I haven’t seen in two and a half years and most importantly encouraging people with the gospel message thru song!”  Mark states “I couldn’t be happier with Eric’s decision to return. He loved being a police officer and I admired him for his work. The first song we sang together when he asked to be considered again confirmed what God was trying to tell everyone in the room. All I can say is welcome home Eric, good to have you back!”

Mark continues “We would like to thank 28 men and two ladies that showed interest in filling the position. It was a very difficult decision and we are honored that you would trust this ministry that much. Also, we MUST thank our friend Jim Cox from Cumming, Ga for his excellent job of filling in at the tenor position over the last two months. Jim has been a true joy to our fans and friends across the country.”

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  • Brian
    November 21, 2012 1:50 pm


    Now showing my age (37)my very first gospel Album was from the kingsmen quartet when you were with the group. My dad gave it to me when I was 5. I have followed you through your years with the Cathedrals, Greater Vision, Gold City and now your group today. Now I don't beleive people should idol anybody, but I do look up to you. You set an example of what a Christian man should be. Its your music when you were with Gold City that helped lead me to Jesus. I look forward every year around May when you come to my church in parkersburg. Now this year Lord willing our third child which is due in Janurary,will get to go to her first gospel sing. Be safe in your travels and may God Bless your group and families

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