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God Has Provided

It’s Empty…

It’s Empty…

When I went to the Holy Land this March with Dr. Rodney Kelley through Templeton Tours, we spent four days in Jerusalem where our tour group visited sites that I’ve read about my whole life and being able to see some of those places brings a whole new dimension to the Word of God.  It was an amazing trip and one that was at the top of my “bucket list.”  On March 29th, our tour group prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, saw where Jesus was kept just prior to the crucifixion in the house of Caiaphas, viewed Golgotha, and finally…the tomb.  Though knowing that Jesus is risen does not require a trip to Jerusalem, with Resurrection Sunday ahead I just can’t help but say it…
The tomb is empty!
If you look at the photo below, you can see a red cross with ancient letters written across it.  See it?  The tour guide from the Garden Tomb said that when the tomb was discovered, they found this red cross painted on the inside.  In the ancient language, the letters say this, “Jesus Christ – the Alpha and Omega.”  Alpha and Omega are Greek for saying “the beginning and the end,” a phrase we are familiar with from the book of Revelation.  I find this very appropriate as we go into celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.  Because He is risen we have every confidence that He has the final say in our lives.  Your situation may seem hopeless now, but remember, He is the beginning and the end and the end is always victorious with Christ!  
From the MTQ family to yours, Happy Resurrection Day!
 Mark, Nick, Randy and Blake 

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