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God Has Provided

Pre-order our new CD, Full Sail, today!

Pre-order our new CD, Full Sail, today!

For two years we’ve been looking at songs for our new CD, Full Sail, and we are very excited to announce that you can pre-order it today! In celebration of this up-coming release we are offering a special on all orders made between September 14th – September 25th.  Order your copy of Full Sail today for only $10 plus S&H.   
***Pre-order ships on or before Oct 5th***
Produced by Mark Trammell, Jeff Collins and Trey Ivey this new CD features ten songs from the pen of the industry’s greatest writers like Rodney Griffin, Diane Wilkinson, Rebecca Peck, Henry Slaughter and others.  Special guests, The Voices of Lee, directed by Danny Murry appear on ballads “My Faith Still Holds” and “Redeemer Of My Soul.”  Through 14 years of ministry we have strived to keep quartet music the object of our sound and with songs from the writers above, we believe you will enjoy everything you hear on Full Sail! 
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Full Sail is a command given by the Captain when the stormy seas are past and the peaceful seas are in front of them.  Everything is returned to order, God is in control and we can proceed toward home.  That is why we named this CD Full Sail, and it is our prayer that these songs will bless you and encourage you along the journey.  
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