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Coco Cay – Your Private Island Paradise…

Coco Cay – Your Private Island Paradise…

Tourists have been traveling to the world’s most beautiful destinations for years.  Over time, some folks have thought the natural loveliness of those places have been lessened with too much tourism, shops and commercialism.  On the other hand, there are many folks who enjoy those very things!  On the 2017 Singing at Sea Cruise, we’re sailing to ports of call that cater to both of those preferences so everyone can experience a combination of what they enjoy the most with Gospel Music, preaching and exquisite dining.    
Coco Cay is the stop where passengers can embrace the Bahamas in its natural glory.  This island is 140 acres of private beaches owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.  Only passengers on board a Royal Caribbean ship can step foot on these sands.  When we come into this port, we’ll have the island all to ourselves!    
But don’t worry!  We’re not going to drop everyone off in the wilds of Gilligan’s Island! 
Coco Cay does have modern amenities to make your afternoon satisfying.  You can take a tour, rent a cabana or simply walk the beach knowing that restrooms, lounge chairs, booths to purchase water and snacks are never far from where you are.      
Are you traveling with children?  Check out Caylana’s Castle Cove on the right side of the island.  Caylana’s Castle Cove is the Bahamas largest Aqua Park!  Your kids can jump on trampolines, come down slides and climb the “ice-burg” while you lounge on the beach and watch the crystal waters gently lap against the shore. 
Shopping on Coco Cay is limited.  To keep the spirit of unspoiled beauty, the island has kept shops at a minimum.  Yet, they realize that you’ll want to take home your favorite souvenirs and keepsakes, so there are a few shops in the center of the island that sell items such as magnets, postcards, T-shirts, etc.   
Do you love being on the water?  Go on a Kayak or Jet-Ski Tour!   Glide through the waters of Coco Cay on a guided tour and learn about the marine life and history of the region as you soak in the sun from above and the best of the Bahama’s turquoise water below. 
These are just a few of the activities you can take part in when we stop in Coco Cay.  We could go on and on about the snorkeling, nature walks, cabanas and eco tours that are available on the island; but we think you get the picture!  There’s something for everyone to enjoy on Royal Caribbean’s private island.  
Now, we know you’re asking yourself the question, “Can I afford to do something like this?”  You might be surprised how easy it is to fit this all-Christian vacation into your budget!  On the MTQ cruise page, we’ve outlined two saving options for you to consider when planning your cruise with MTQ.  To view those options, click here!  Thank you for considering MTQ as your host on the Singing at Sea Cruise!              

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