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Gold City Reunion at SDC

Gold City Reunion at SDC

We love being in Branson, Missouri.  For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you may think the reason for that is Andy’s Frozen Custard or Lambert’s Cafe!  Though we enjoy those places very much, they don’t compare with the hospitality of the staff and management at Silver Dollar City and the opportunity they give us to sing Gospel Music in a public theme park every year during the Southern Gospel Picnic.  Last Wednesday, we spent all day at “The City” singing, visiting with folks and eating fried chicken! 
In the morning, we sang three sessions at Red Gold Heritage Hall.  If you’ve never been able to attend the Southern Gospel Picnic, the park has seven stages where you can see all of your favorite groups and our friends sing from morning till evening every day for twelve days straight.  In the evenings, SDC opens their amphitheater, Echo Hollow, for a special evening concert.  That night, Jay Parrack, Jonathan Wilburn, myself and Tim Riley came together for a Gold City Reunion to reminisce about our days with the group!  We were blessed to sing to a full house of over 4100 people!  It is a special treat to once again stand on the platform with Tim Riley – what many do not know, is, before there was a Gold City, there was a Tim and Mark.  I was right out of high school, he and I sang together for a little while in a quartet.  He’s proven to be like a brother to me over the years.  He allowed me the opportunity to come and be a part of this particular group, I was there for about nine years, and the most popular song that I had the privilege of singing during that time was this song about a little boy who was lost.  Though there were many moments I could tell you about from Echo Hollow, we want to share that special song with you…
Special thank you to D. A. Callaway, Brad Thomas, the Herschend family and all the staff at SDC for making another very special day for MTQ at the most family friendly park in America!  If you would like to see some photos from our day at Silver Dollar City, you can do so on our Facebook page here.  But…if you’re wondering what some of those other moments were from the evening at Echo Hollow, you can look forward to and/or sign up for our next e-letter which we will be sending out in a few days.  Our Newsletters are filled with current happenings from the road, information on upcoming events and tips for packing and planning on our 2016 cruises.  To sign up today, please click here.  Until next time!                   

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