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Need a Caribbean Getaway?

Need a Caribbean Getaway?

We have been privileged to be a part of many Christian cruises, but there is only ONE all Christian cruise we go on every year – The Singing at Sea!  As a full charter, this cruise is unique because all the bars and casinos are closed during the trip and every stage on the ship is filled with Gospel Music, preaching and Christian comedy.  We act as host to everyone who registers with us – which means we spoil our folks with a special gift, a private concert and evening meals together in the dining room!   
Though we always have a lot of fun on the ship, our ports of call in Cozumel and Grand Cayman are the highlights of the trip!  In this tropical part of the world you can see and experience things most people only see on TV.  Through Carnival’s shore excursions you can walk into the ancient history of the Mayan people by visiting the Mayan Ruins of Tulum and see the world’s second largest barrier reef by escaping 100 feet under water in a mini submarine when you stop in Cozumel.  Your eyes can rest on the site where Prince William of England shipwrecked in 1794 and was rescued by the good islanders of Grand Cayman, knowing all the while, that the ground you walk on was once trod by Christopher Columbus when he first discovered the island in 1503.  
We would love to be your host February 15-20, 2016 on this outstanding getaway to the Caribbean!  Have children?  Don’t worry!  Kids 15 years and younger sail free!* To learn more about the Singing at Sea Cruise with MTQ, visit our Cruise Page on our website HERE. 
*Available when child rooms with two paying adults.  Port charges and gratuities may apply.  See “Pricing” for more info.         

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