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News update from Mark Trammell Quartet

News update from Mark Trammell Quartet

Hello again!
The title of this update should be “be careful what you pray for, you just might get it.”  Wow, we have been busy the last few months.  What an exciting time in the life of this ministry. February started out by changing the trio to a quartet. Then the quartet went on the singing at sea christian cruise to the Bahamas. (WHAT A TRIP!)  March took us on our first trip to western Canada (a total of 6,300 miles) and we have never been treated more wonderful any where in the world. 
April was also an eventful month as we were honored to sing for Abraham productions annual Singing In the Sun in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina  (i love that place) before flying to California to sing for the first time at the Great Western Fan Festival in their new location of Visalia, California.  Again we were received as if we were family!  It was a truly humbling experience as I haven’t seen many of those folks since my days with the Cathedral Quartet.  In May we were invited to fly to Glorieta, New Mexico and be a part of the seniors conference hosted by our friend Evangelist Tim Williams and our friends at Lifeway.  So as you can tell, life hasn’t been boring on the MTQ bus! 
Presently we are working on the quartets second recording and I personally am thrilled to be working once again with my long time friend and former Cathedral producer Lari Goss.  In my first meeting with Lari, I asked him to go on a journey with me back in time.  Somewhere around the mid 1980’s when he and I were a part of quartet music that still sounded like a gospel quartet but had a little spice and flair to it at the same time…..He said “I would love to go back to that place with you,”  graciously smiled and slapped his knee and then said “hang on, here we go..”  I asked God for only two things in this recording.  First that it have the anointing of the holy spirit. Second, that it be both simple and have a certain measure of class musically.  It’s my opinion that God outdid himself when honoring my prayer requests.  I CAN’T WAIT for you to hear it!! 
As many of you know, our homecoming is just around the corner.  July 23 thru 25 at Hill Crest Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama.  Check the add on our site and come join us along with the Greenes, and the Booth Brothers for what we hope to be an inspiring weekend.
Lastly, we are getting close to a sell out for the 37th annual Singing At Sea which sails from Jacksonville, Fl on Feb. 14, 2011.  If you would like a brochure please call our office at 256-442-1621 and I will be sure you get one.  The tour agent expects the sell out by mid to late July so don’t wait another minute!!!  Call today!!
We will see you down the trail somewhere!
Mark Trammell

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